Two Simple Features that Help me Stay Sane

Doing Better Work is as much about 1% productivity enhancements as it is about long-term strategic approaches. So today I want to get really tactical and share two workflow adjustments that I get a lot of value from. I hope they help you like they help me.

Unsend in Gmail (Free)

If you use Gmail in personal or professional life, I highly recommend turning on the Unsend feature. It works by holding the “sent” message for up to 30 seconds. If you realize the message was incomplete in any way during that time, simply click the Unsend link to recall it, make your edits, and send once again.

This feature saves me from having to bother people with a follow-up clarification email at least once a day. For as much email as most of us send, turning it on is a no-brainer.

(Sorry that I cannot recommend this feature to Outlook users—I just don’t know enough about their software and I am told their Unsend is not as bulletproof as Gmail’s.)

Clipboard History for Mac ($5 one-time fee)

We are all very familiar with copy and paste. It’s essential. But the limits of copying one thing at a time—and the frustration of accidentally overwriting the last-copied item—can make for some suboptimal moments.

Introducing Clipboard History. I’ve been using it for five years, and I cannot imagine computing without it. Clipboard History lets me keep a history of the items I’ve copied or cut. Use it to go on a copying spree, and then a pasting spree—no more toggling between applications. It gives me peace of mind that I can cut or copy something, forget I did it, and still find it later. You can even keep a log of Favorites (like a list of text snippets you commonly use) so you’re not constantly retyping the same thing. Clipboard History has my back, and I frequently appreciate it.

(There appear to be similar applications for Windows machines—I just don’t have experience with them. If interested, Google “clipboard history windows” to find one that works for you.) 

Hope these simple features help you save some time and sanity,


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