Be Vulnerable (with Jennifer Manning)

Max sits down with coach, consultant, and speaker Jennifer Manning to chat about the power of vulnerability at work—and in life. From expressing more gratitude to asking more questions, Max and Jen discuss practical ways to experience the joy and progress that come with being more vulnerable.

Share Before You’re Ready (with Ben Battaglia)

Max visits with Lessonly Director of Marketing Ben Battaglia about the practice of sharing before we’re ready. Through stories and anecdotes, they discuss the clarity that comes with sharing early—and unpack the pitfalls of working in a vacuum.

Look for Opportunity (with Scott Dorsey)

Max connects with ExactTarget CEO & Co-Founder, and High Alpha Managing Partner, Scott Dorsey about looking for opportunities in the midst of challenges. Scott shares lessons learned on his journey growing ExactTarget to an eventual acquisition by Salesforce, emphasizing how our relationships can help foster a greater opportunity mindset.

Ask Clarifying Questions (with Lesley Weidenbener)

Max chats with IBJ Managing Editor Lesley Weidenbener about the habit of asking clarifying questions. Through examples and experiences, they visit about the power of questions to bring greater clarity to reporting, business, and life.

Highlight What’s Working (with Steve Grossi)

Max sits down with Lessonly Software Engineering Manager Steve Grossi to talk about highlighting what’s working. With humor and insight, they unpack the benefits of focusing on what‘s going well so we can do more of it.

Have Difficult Conversations (with Casey Cumbow)

Max visits with Lessonly Software Engineering Manager Casey Cumbow about the importance of having difficult conversations. They discuss the power of addressing challenges through nonviolent communication and the benefits of greater compassion and empathy.

Get More Agreements (with Conner Burt)

Max connects with Lessonly President Conner Burt about getting more agreements. With personal stories and anecdotes, they talk through the camaraderie and progress that come with better alignment in the sales process, business, and life.

Bring Brightness to the Room (with Aman Brar)

Max chats with Jobvite CEO Aman Brar about the impact of bringing brightness to a room. Through examples and experiences, they examine the power of positivity and the choices we can make to consciously bring brighter energy to every room we enter.