Book cover of Do Better Work, by Max Yoder

When we do
better work,
we live better lives.

Share before you’re ready. Get more agreements. Have difficult conversations. These are a few of the practical but profound ideas Lessonly CEO Max Yoder shares in Do Better Work. No matter your rank or role, if you want to see more understanding, accountability, and progress on your team, these stories and examples are for you.

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Devastatingly effective, and a must-read for business leaders with a soul. Do Better Work is the modern manual for how to align company success and personal growth.
—Jay Baer, New York Times bestselling author of Youtility
and co-author of Talk Triggers
The best books pop lightbulbs over our heads that feel so obvious we wonder why we didn’t realize them all along. This book does that. An essential read for any 21st-century leader.
—Coco Brown, CEO and founder of The Athena Alliance
Our world needs a style of leadership that puts people at the center, and I can think of no better guide than the lessons contained in this book.
—Scott Dorsey, former CEO of ExactTarget/Salesforce Marketing Cloud
Practical advice with a soul and a deep understanding of how humans connect and work together.
—Nataly Kogan, founder of Happier @ Work and author of Happier Now

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