Removing a few distractions

I find myself impulsively checking my phone for new emails, Slack chats, and social media updates. In an instant, I go from concentrating on a task to vacantly staring at a feed. (Is it called a feed because it feeds on me?) This is not how I want to live, so I changed my social media passwords. They are now gibberish. If I want to get back into my accounts, I have to consciously ask myself, Do I want to go through the prompts to reset my password, or do I not care that much? I hope I decide I do not care that much—again and again forever.

As for the work apps, I’ve started deleting them from my phone before weekends, vacations, and holidays. When I return to work, I take five minutes to reinstall them.

I hope both of these routes help me break mindless habits that nibble at my attention and soul. I’d rather talk with someone, take a nap, read a book, write, or walk around outside.

Better still, come September, my wife Jess will give birth to our first child. When she does, I will have baby cheeks to kiss and eyes to stare into. I don’t want to be distracted from that.

If you don’t have to work this weekend, consider deleting apps that feed on you, or that you won’t need during your time off. You may love it.



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