Practice Is About More Than Perfect

As many of us learned at Yellowship, high-performing teams share three traits:

  1. Psychological Safety
  2. Purpose
  3. Structure & Clarity

Psychological safety has a lot to do with how vulnerable teammates are with one another. When a person can openly and non-judgmentally share what they need help with, other teammates are more likely to respond in kind. This helps everyone learn faster and Do Better Work.

Clarity helps people understand what’s expected of them in their roles, what skills they need to succeed, and how well they are performing.

Vulnerability and clarity are two of the many reasons I get so excited about practice.

When you practice something with a teammate, you are both implicitly signaling that improvement is a constant—that nobody is expected to be perfect or have it all figured out. Each person is helping the other better understand both their strengths and their opportunities for growth. It’s empowering to know these things—and practice fosters an environment where it’s natural to discuss them.

We all have weaknesses and superpowers—practice gives us a chance to ask for help, give advice, and grow together. All in all, it’s a key component of great teamwork, and it’s about much more than some fictional notion of perfection.

This week, I hope you practice something.

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