Not once, not twice, but twenty times

I interviewed Scott Dorsey last week for the upcoming Do Better Work video series. He shared a ton of gems, including this one:

During his 10+ years as CEO of both ExactTarget and Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Scott read Jim Collins’s book Good to Great not once, not twice, but twenty times. In other words, he studied it like a student does a textbook.

I asked him why he felt compelled to read and re-read the book over and over again, and he said, “It meant something different to me at different stages of my life, and different stages of the company’s life. I found the lessons continued to ring true for me, just in different ways at different times.”

Think about a book you read and loved. Are there insights you might have missed the first time around? Are there ideas you weren’t ready for then that you could really benefit from now?

Scott’s study of Good to Great inspired me to re-read The Happiness Hypothesis by Jonathan Haidt. I hope his studiousness inspires you too.




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