Loving phone calls

Two months ago, someone I love and respect but don’t speak with very often gave me a call. I assumed they were ringing me because they needed something. They weren’t. They were calling to say they loved me and were proud of me. They just wanted to hear how I was doing. That was it.

I’m on the phone a lot. But that call sticks out amongst all the other phone calls because it wasn’t transactional. It was purely an expression of love.

I was inspired by it, so lately I’ve been making my own loving phone calls to remind people they matter to me and to hear how they’re doing.

I share this because a simple phone call reminded me I’m valuable. And a simple call from you could do the same for someone you love.

If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been taking a break from my weekly note this month. You’ll hear from me on a regular basis again in January. In the meantime, I wish you a great December.


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