Is your Family Frantic?

I just finished reading Three Big Questions for a Frantic Family by Patrick Lencioni. I am a Lencioni fan, so I was grateful when I received the book as a wedding present.

The long and short of the book is this: We often don’t run our families like we run our work. The vision, focus, and planning that we put into our work is, for most of us, far more impressive than the vision, focus, and planning that we put into our families. Lencioni showcases this reality as an opportunity: Our personal lives could stand to benefit from intentionally reinforcing the things that truly matter to us.

In the same way businesses create mission statements, core values, and objectives, Lencioni encourages families to clarify what they care about and why, in order to help them spend their time in the most meaningful ways. This is not about corporatizing your kitchen. When you align your tribe to what you all cherish, you can more easily prioritize your focus on it.

It is a quick read and a worthwhile one, especially if frantic is an adjective you’d use to describe your family.

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