How to feel better

I spent last weekend with close friends. On multiple occasions, we made time to say what we love and appreciate about one another. By Sunday, I was overflowing with joy and thankfulness.

If you want, you can feel similar vibes. Just think about one or more people you are close with. Then tell them what you enjoy or value about them. You can use any medium to do so—text, phone, email, in-person chat. Just give it a go. Tell the good listeners why you value their good listening. Tell the positive spirits why you value their positivity. Tell the dreamers how they inspire you.

If you think this might be awkward or strange, you can blame it on me. Say, “Today, someone I know challenged me to tell a friend what I appreciate about them. I thought of you. I want you to know . . . ”

You won’t regret it. I hope you have a great day.



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