Four relationships, prescribed by my doctor

Five years ago, my doctor, James Pike, asked me what I wanted out of life. I told him I wanted to learn a lot and love a lot. He prescribed four relationships:

  • A mentor
  • Two people to walk with—a significant other and a dear friend
  • A mentee

Each relationship has its own purpose and beauty.

The mentor is my sounding board of experience and perspective. They have unconditional positive regard for me as I ask vulnerable questions and navigate work and life.

The significant other and dear friend are my peers. We go out of our way to weave our lives together. We don’t hide our tears from one another, or our laughter. We rest easily in one another’s presence. We learn how to listen to, challenge, and celebrate each other.

The mentee is my opportunity to pay it forward and bring experience, perspective, and unconditional positive regard to someone in the next generation.

No doubt, there are infinite ways to live a full life. I pass along my doctor’s prescription in case it helps you too.

I welcome your thoughts,

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