Four lenses that are helping me

When it comes to racial justice issues, I have work to do.

The PEST framework is helping me organize myself. PEST is short for Political, Economic, Social, and Technological.

When I look at racial justice through these four lenses, I get a broader and clearer view of how I can take action.

Here are some questions the framework is helping me think through:

  • What political action will I participate in? What legislation will I learn more about? What legislation will I advocate for?
  • How and where will I offer my economic support, from charitable giving to investing to employment opportunities? 
  • How will I rethink my social network to be more connected to my Black neighbors and community?
  • How will I use my access to technology, such as Lessonly’s software, to support racial justice initiatives?

My answers to these questions are informing my roadmap.

It’s a start. I welcome your thoughts and ideas. Thank you for reading.



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