A series we’ve been working on

Fun news: We just launched the first three episodes of the Better Work video series. Each video centers on a chapter topic, with a special guest to bring new energy and ideas to the conversation.

Each episode stands on its own, so start with whichever one you are most interested in! Here they are:

  • Share Before You’re Ready. Ben Battaglia discusses the difficulty of sharing before you’re ready, especially as a first-time manager. He also talks about the value of removing things you like, but don’t love, from projects. Ben’s anecdotes about communicating with his wife are so special.

  • Be Vulnerable. Jenn Manning discusses practical ways to bring more bravery and order to your life. Look out for the part on commitment levels. When we know what we are committed to—and what we aren’t—we can align our behavior to our commitments in a powerful way.

  • Look for Opportunity. Scott Dorsey examines all the ways looking for opportunity helped him shape his life and build a multi-billion dollar business. He talks about ExactTarget initially getting left at the altar by Salesforce . . .  and what happened next. His Katy Perry story is A+ too.

I hope you LOVE these discussions. Five more episodes are coming soon.

Have a great week!


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